Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who do you sell to?

We sell our products mainly to businesses and non-profits such as yacht clubs, community sailing programs, insurance companies, banks, marinas, boat yards, school sports teams and much more.  We also sell to individuls who are organizing events - its the volunteers who make things happen!!!!!

2. What do you sell?

Our products include but are not limited to the following:
  • Trophies
    • Perpetual, Events, Custom
  • Awards
    • Corporate, Junior Sailing, Weeknight Series
  • Clothing
    • Outerwear, Tee Shirts, Techincal Sailing Apparel, Corporate Apparel, Yacht Club Uniforms, Junior Program Uniforms, Team Uniforms & Gear
  • Yacht Club Supplies
    • Flags, Cups, Parking Stickers, Chandlery Products
  • Regatta Supplies
    • Skipper Bags, Banners, Bow Stickers, Trophies, Event Wrist Bands, Cups
  • Promotional Products
    • Pens, Paper Pads, Calendars, Anything you can put your company/yacht club name and/or logo onto!

3. I have an event date that I must have my order by, when do I get my product?

Most items have a 10 day to 2 week turn around but many are quicker.  Each item should have a "Normal Production Time" listed in the description. Once the item is produced or available for shipping it will be sent via ground transportation.  There is a space for your event date in the check out process.  Make sure to fill this out and we will confirm that we can make your in-hands date before proceeding with your order.  If the item you picked can't be produced in the time you need or if their is a less expensive option we will always suggest a product that will meet your time and budget before proceeding with your order.

4. I want to see the product personally before I purchase it.

Great! Come visit our showroom at 400 US Route One, Unit 3 South, Falmouth, Maine 04105.  Just give us a call at 207-747-4389 first to make sure we have the item you are looking for in stock.  Not in the Portland, Maine area - that's ok too, we hear there are some other cool places to live? We can ship you a sample of most items, note there may be a small fee for some of the more expensive, high ticket items.

5. How does the order process work and can I purchase items online without talking to someone on the phone?

Yes, you can purchase right online.  An order expert will review and process each order manually and verify the details and create artwork proofs before any order is started.  Click here to see a full description of the order process.

6. Where did the name You Regatta come from?

Our business name was created by our owner Carter White who races sailboats and who had started a business administering sailing events called "Regattas".  Bascially he wanted a name that aligned with the marine and sailing lifestyle of boaters.  And "You Regatta be kidding me" is just fun to say.




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